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Your big day is almost here and we wanted to provide you with some tips to get you the most beautiful and stunning detail shots.

Gather the bride AND groom details the night before in a box so when we arrive we can walk in, say hello, give you a big hug and then begin with all the goodies! Also ask one of your girls to get rid of price tags and packaging beforehand. Big advantage: We will have more time for some “getting ready” shots of you and your girls after!

Bridal Details

let's talk about

Bridal Detail photographs help telling your wedding story

Save two full paper/invitation suites in perfect condition. This allows us to photograph both sides of your invitation in one photo. And don't forget to add your preferred calligraphy/ addressing/ stamps.

Paper Goods

・Envelope with stamps 
・Main invitation card 
・Details card 
・RSVP card 

・ Save the date 
・ Vow books 
・ Menu + Table number 
・ Escort Cards 
・ Favors 
・ Welcome Bag 

Other paper goods:


The Dress & Veil

Don’t you agree that a nice, wooden hanger, compared to a cheap plastic one adds immediately so much more value to the dress? If you want to go the extra mile you can even order a dress custom hanger made with your names or wedding date on Etsy.

Keep all wedding rings - including your engagement ring - in one place so we can photograph them together. Also have your ring professionally cleaned before your wedding for that extra sparkle.

Ring & Ringbox

You might want to think about investing in a new ring box. One in the shades of your wedding theme. Not only will a ring box without jeweler advertisement look so much more sleek but you want a nice place to store your bling in the future, right?
Check out The Mrs Box for the top notch product or Etsy for more affordable options. 


Bouquet and Boutonnieres

This is huge: Make sure to keep the Bouquets and Boutonnieres close to your bridal suite.

Let us know of any inherited, meaningful pieces! They will definitely be center stage.  


Pro tip: Ask your florist to provide loose ‘clippings’ with your bouquets. They will look amazing with your details and help creating YOUR story around YOUR big day! Make sure they will be delivered to your bridal suite where we take the detail shots. We won't be able to take any detail shots at the venue later that day!

・ Rings
・ Bracelets
・ Earrings 
・ Clutches
・ Hair Pieces...



If you have a signature scent you are wearing on your big day, now is a good time to order a new bottle for the pictures – it looks so much better than almost empty!

Or go out and splurge on a new one! This is another amazing way to create  memories on your big day. Every time you smell the fragrance you will be reminded of that special day!

Louboutin’s, BellaBelle's, Heels, Flats… It doesn’t matter what shoes you are wearing but we are sure your grandkids would love to see what was in style back then…

And not only break into your wedding shoes ahead of time but also bring a cute pair of back up shoes!



Groom Details

Ok, let’s not forget about those handsome groom details, right? we love photographing:

・ Cufflinks
・ Watches / Pocket watches
・ Belts
・ Bow ties
・ Hankerchiefs
・ Leather shoes
・ Vests   
・ Fancy whiskey bottles
・ Cigars
・ Flacons...  




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