Martin and I met in Germany and dated six months before we got married - just the two of us and quite spontaneous. A month later we moved to Charleston thanks to an incredible job offer we couldn't turn down.
Fun fact: I - Franzi - got married in a black cocktail dress which we returned minutes after our 'I do's' and guess what, we didn't take a single picture of us as a couple. 


It all started with a job offer abroad and our love for exploring the world

a little of our story

Hi, we are Franzi & Martin

I'm Martin, the newest full-time member of Franzi Annika Photography. After several years in the automotive industry, I decided it is time for a change. The choice was quite easy. I always liked photography and love to work with my fabulous wife (no, she did not make me say that). Additionally, I can still do 'boring' office stuff what an Economics major naturally enjoys. As an introvert, I usually let Franzi do the talking, but you will realize that pretty fast.

I'm living the dream


Behind the lens

I'm Franzi, a photographer, former real estate manager and a girl who can’t imagine life without German chocolate. When Martin and I moved to the US, I kind of got into the photography business by accident. I've never held a professional camera in my hands before nor did I have any interest in photographing or becoming a business owner.

This being said, I wouldn't be a photographer if it wasn't for Martin. His endless support, creativity and love has inspired me to start a new career from scratch and I couldn't be more thankful for him and the life we build together.

I never dreamed of becoming a business owner overseas...


Behind the lens

We treat you like family. To us, you're not just another client. 


You are family with lots of different stories to tell. High school sweethearts, excited to start a new chapter in your lives together. A couple with enduring love.


candle light dinners


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Quick Facts

Pasta. Always! Moscow Mules. Modern Interiors. Traveling. Working Out. Our Coffee Machine. Visiting Family. Each Other. Sushi. Money Heist. Pasta. Chocolate. Walks In The Neighborhood. Listening To Music. Pasta.

What we are

Renovating. Skyping With Our Family. Improving Our Photography Skills. Watching Tiktoks For Way Too Long. Designing Our AirBnB. Daydreaming. Answering E-Mails. Editing. Booking Vacations. Loving Each Other. Sitting On Our Front Steps.

What we are

Franzi - Plastic Bottles. Olives. Brown Kitchens. No Chocolate At Home. Early, Early Mornings.
Martin - Watery coffee. Illogicality. No pastries @ home. Soccer summer break.

What we don't




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