Franzi and Martin seamlessly blend fine art, fashion, and photojournalism to capture every moment of your special day

Martin and I crossed paths in Germany and after just six months of dating, we decided to tie the knot - just the two of us, in a wonderfully spontaneous ceremony.

Soon after, an irresistible job offer led us to make the leap to Charleston,  where we swiftly fell in love with the charm of the lowcountry.


It all started with a job offer abroad and our love for exploring the world

a little of our story

Hi, we are Franzi & Martin

As the introverted one between the two of us, I find immense fulfillment in capturing those fleeting in-between moments—the laughter, the quick glimpses, the subtle exchanges that often go unnoticed.

I believe your celebration is anything but a cookie-cutter template. It's in these unscripted instances that the true essence of a story unfolds. In the small details, I discover the big emotions that make your story extraordinary. 

Capturing Life's Overlooked Moments


Behind the lens

Having grown up immersed in the world of photojournalistic wedding photography, I developed an appreciation for capturing authentic moments and emotions.
I believe in fostering genuine connections with the couples we work with, laying the groundwork for the love stories we capture and immortalize.

a creative soul with deep European roots and an undeniable passion for German chocolate.


Behind the lens

Pasta. Always! Moscow Mules. Modern Interiors. Traveling. Working Out. Our Coffee Machine. Visiting Family. Each Other. Sushi. Minimalism. Chocolate. Walks In The Neighborhood. Pasta.

What we are

Renovating. Skyping With Our Family. Improving Our Photography Skills. Watching. Designing Our AirBnB. Daydreaming. Answering E-Mails. Editing. Booking Vacations. Loving Each Other. Sitting On Our Front Steps.

What we are

Franzi - Plastic Bottles. Olives. Brown Kitchens. No Chocolate At Home. Early, Early Mornings.
Martin - Watery coffee. Illogicality. No pastries @ home. Soccer summer break.

What we don't

Quick Facts

Through our artistic lens, we capture your most profound moments, weaving them into stories that are preserved for a lifetime