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my story

welcome to my Tiny nook of the internet! 

My name is Franzi – which is German – and I live in wonderful Charleston with my hubby Martin. We moved here in 2016 from Stuttgart - indisputably the most beautiful city in Germany - after having some kind of a last-minute wedding with just the two of us. My hobbies are - just kidding. I am not going to bore you with uninteresting facts about me. If you still want to know them, perfect! One more reason to meet for coffee ;)

The move to the US was the best decision of my life. It gave me the opportunity to find my dream career and sometimes I still can’t believe how lucky I am to have a job I simply adore. Being able to pursue your passion is probably the best thing that could happen to someone. I am a really positive, happy and honest person. And that’s why I love photographing couples and weddings. That’s when I can be myself, joke around and laugh while being creative. And speaking of being creative… I am left-handed! Doesn’t that say everything?

Also, I consider myself a perfectionist which is good for my clients I guess, but sometimes holds me back from doing things!! Clearly, I have to work on that…

Enough of myself, what about you? Let’s get to know each other ;)

And if you are still wondering about my hobbies? I love traveling!!



I treat you like family. To me, you are not just another client. You are family with lots of different stories to tell. High school sweethearts, excited to start a new chapter in your lives together. A couple with enduring love.

I want to hear all about you and I will cherish every minute we spend together, knowing the photographs we create will capture your story for generations.


I believe in all kinds of love. Photographic images capture just a millisecond of your life, but will always bring back memories and emotions. Preserving these memories for the days when we may not remember, or we may just need a reminder of those special moments, can be a beacon of hope for the future. I want to capture authentic emotions that create your story. A story that will connect you to generations to come. Let me create your timeless treasures that will make you and your family smile for years.

WHAT i believe