Franzi and Martin seamlessly blend fine art, fashion, and photojournalism to capture every moment of your special day

Your photos do not belong on your phone. That's why we offer beautiful leather and linen albums printed on Giclee matte paper with lovely soft textures that will last a lifetime. We will help you to get the most out of your professional photographs once you've received your full digital gallery. Read here why you should always invest into your custom wedding album.

Additionally, our professional print store extends beyond handcrafted albums to offer a diverse array of top-notch printed products. Seamlessly connected to your gallery, our print store ensures easy access and an exceptional curating experience

Fine Art Albums + Prints

In a world dominated by social media and where readily accessible content is increasingly shaping our daily lives,  we are excited to offer our behind-the-scenes content creation service.  Our team is committed to producing engaging material designed for various social media platforms throughout your event. You'll promptly receive all smartphone videos right after the celebration – modern, fun and candid clips that will provide you with creative control over the final product. 

Social Media Content Creation

Elevate your wedding memories with the addition of aerial photography to your gallery. We recommend Drone footage for outdoor venues surrounded by urban or natural landscapes.

Drone Footage

Film holds a special place in our hearts, passed down through generations with Franzi's grandpa as our mentor. Embracing this legacy, we provide the option of adding 35mm film in both color and black and white, complementing our digital photography services.

Film Photography

Your wedding celebration is far from a one-size-fits-all template. Whether you envision an intimate gathering or a full weekend extravaganza, we're here to grasp your unique needs. After our discovery call we will tailor a collection specifically crafted for your event. To get the conversation started, fill out our contact form, and we'll be in touch shortly.

Custom Wedding Collections

Offerings + Services

We favor easy and simple compositions, understanding that minimalism doesn't mean dullness. It's a thoughtful approach, requiring creativity and an eye for detail to infuse each frame with emotion. It’s about reducing the sequence to its essentials - to direct the viewers’ eye and create more powerful, and glamorous photographs.

Our wedding photography style blends fine-art, fashion, and photojournalism with a minimalist touch, carefully tailored to your individual day, narrating your complete wedding story. Drawing from our background in interior design photography, we use the environment to craft beautiful, artistic photographs.

There is no short answer to this question. We believe capturing an entire wedding day demands a versatile approach. The wedding itself is composed of several unique events - from the getting ready in the morning to the intimate first dance, each moment demands a unique photography style to convey the intended emotions.

“What is Your Style When Photographing a Wedding?”

We often get asked

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In the event that unforeseen circumstances prevent us from attending your wedding, rest assured, we'll make every effort to secure a replacement photographer with a similar style and within your budget. Alternatively, we can offer a full refund, providing you the flexibility to make your own arrangements.

12. What happens if you get sick or have an emergency before the wedding?

Our primary service is photography, but we do provide a social media content package that includes behind-the-scenes videos captured throughout your wedding day. These videos will be delivered to you on the night of your wedding for a quick glimpse into the magical moments. If you're looking for professional video work, we're more than happy to share a list of exceptional videographers we've successfully worked with in the past.

11. Do you offer videography?

Maintaining a timely schedule on your wedding day is essential to ensure optimal natural light for every part of your event and a stress-free day for you. That's why we craft a personalized photography timeline before your wedding day, coordinating closely with you and your planner. On the day itself, we collaborate closely with your wedding planner to ensure we stay on track.

10. How do you make sure you stay on schedule during our wedding day?

While rain on your wedding day is considered lucky, we understand most couples have concerns about it. Don't get overwhelmed—have a rain plan for your venue, but trust your vendors to work their magic (they've been there). We collaborate closely with your wedding planner and venue to develop plan B and C, just in case. Some of our best work has been captured on rainy days. In those situations, you can fully rely on our experience and expertise to ensure stunning photographs

9. What if it rains?

Martin and I will consistently be your photography duo, ensuring we capture moments unfolding simultaneously in different locations. For weddings that demand it, we might include a third or even a fourth shooter or assistant. Specifically for social media content creation, we always bring in another creative to enhance your experience with our add-on service. 

8. Do you work with a team?

Certainly! We're thrilled to offer our handcrafted fine art albums, available in various colors and sizes. These albums make for the perfect heirloom, enhancing your home and serving as a must-have showcase for your family and friends. We'll assist you in selecting the ideal layout and craft an initial draft. Throughout two additional revisions, we'll work together to customize your album to perfection.

7. Can you help us create a wedding photo album?

Respecting your privacy is a top priority for us. You'll have the first look at the photos before they are shared on social media. We're open to discussing any concerns you may have and offer non-disclosure agreements, if needed.

6. How do you handle the privacy of our photos?

You'll get a password-protected online wedding gallery, easy to use on your laptop, phone and tablet. Share it with friends and family effortlessly. Plus, your gallery connects to our print store, simplifying the creation of your wedding album and prints.

5. How will our wedding photos be delivered?

You will receive a sneak peek gallery within a week of your wedding day. The complete gallery will be delivered to you no later than 7-8 weeks afterward.

4. When can we see our photographs?

Yes! We meticulously curate each photo to achieve our distinctive style. Every image in your wedding gallery undergoes post-production to attain our signature look. This encompasses:

· Basic retouching (blemish removal, minor under-eye touch-ups)
· Straightening/cropping and eliminating distracting elements
· Color and exposure adjustments.

Our objective is to capture clean, natural beauty in every shot.

3. Do you provide professional retouching and/or color correction?

Following our discovery call, a custom tailored proposal will be crafted for you to review. Upon signing the agreement and receiving the non-refundable retainer, your wedding date with us is formally secured. The outstanding balance is then due two weeks before your wedding day.

2. How do we secure our wedding date?

Absolutely! We travel worldwide for weddings. We'd love to learn more about your plans, and unless we've discussed otherwise, we'll take care of our travel arrangements.

1. Do you travel internationally?