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Your wedding is supposed to be the best and most unforgettable day of your life, right? Unfortunately most couples describe their wedding day as a rushed blur when looking back at it. After you’ve poured your heart into planning, spent an outrageous amount of money and waited up to two years for this day to finally arrive, that’s a rather disappointing answer. You should not want it to be over any minute of the day. 

So here you are! Newly engaged and still torn between celebrating with a huge traditional wedding or sneaking away and making it a unique and intimate experience. If you’re still on the fence, keep reading. The next 10 insights will help you decide about eloping or having a big wedding.

Newly Engaged? No idea what to do next? We have 10 reasons why eloping is a great alternative!

10 Reasons why you should elope

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Your wedding is supposed to be the best and most unforgettable day of your life, right? Unfortunately most couples describe their wedding day as a rushed blur when looking back at it. After you’ve poured your heart into planning, spent an outrageous amount of money and waited up to two years for this day to finally arrive, that’s a rather disappointing answer. You should not want it to be over any minute of the day.

On a traditional wedding day you spent most time interacting with your family and friends. You’re expected to walk from table to table to greet every guest and make your rounds during cocktail hour. The time will fly by so fast and by the end of the night you’ve spent the least amount of quality time with your partner - the most important person on your wedding day.

Eloping means to be intentional. It allows you to solely focus on each other - ALL DAY LONG. No matter where you decide to say your vows, it’s just you and your future spouse. You don’t have to sacrifice a single moment between you while sharing an epic day. There is no way you would be able to experience such an amount of intimacy, privacy and unforgettable moments on a full blown wedding day.


Who can’t relate to this — Every single person involved in your planning process suddenly has an opinion on how you should design your big day. This can become stressful and overwhelming and quite often result in a huge family drama.

Another sensitive topic might be the guest list. Perhaps you have a huge family or countless friends and acquaintances and no idea who to invite without hurting someone’s feelings?

Well, good news. When you elope you don’t have to invite anybody. Sounds a little harsh? Well, I’m not saying you can’t invite anybody - you can definitely still have your beloved family and friends joining you. But not spending hours on the guest list with a constant eye on the budget, is priceless. It’s your day and you have permission to create it the way it reflects your relationship and feels most authentic to you so just skip the family drama!


There is a reason why my first advice to all my couples planning a traditional wedding is: GET A PLANNER IMMEDIATELY!

A wedding is a once in a lifetime event and a ton of things need to be planned, considered, ordered, etc. There is so much that can go wrong when you don’t have any experience or background in planning.

With an elopement you have the freedom of planning as much or as little as you’d like. I’m not saying there is absolutely no planning involved but it eliminates thinking about the stuff you don’t like. You can focus solely on the things you want on your big day — Finding the location of your dreams, choosing an epic wedding dress that might have not gotten the approval of grandma or splurge on a lavish dinner for two at this really fancy restaurant.

You still need a little help? No worries, we’ve got you covered and can help you create the elopement of your dreams.



This is obviously my favorite reason why you should elope, duh!!

During a wedding day, you have to follow a strict timeline stuffed with all kinds of different photo appointments and other events —on an elopement you have the freedom to do whatever, whenever. This means that we’ll capture you and only you, doing what you like best with the person you love most. I promise you you’ll have the most authentic, candid and epic photographs you can ever imagine.

Not being under the pressure of a timeline or demanding family members — believe me everyone wants a picture with the bride and groom — works wonders and you can tell in photographs. It doesn’t matter if you hike to the top of a mountain or elope in a court house, your photos will tell the story of your relationship and your deep love for each other.

It’s obvious that the budget might be the deciding reason why many couples consider an elopement. There is no doubt, weddings are expensive. The national average cost of a wedding in 2020 is $33,900 according to the latest Real Weddings study from The Knot — with the reception eating up to 50 percent of that budget.

Since you’ll have way fewer vendors to pay at an elopement, how about spending the money on two plane tickets to the destination you have always dreamed of, instead? And the photographer (hi!) that otherwise wouldn’t fit in the budget any longer? And… well you get the idea.

 Because in the end it’s about you and your partner committing to each other in a way that most feels like you. No need to spend a fortune on expenses that others deem necessary. Create your dream elopement with a fraction of the cost and send your relatives some high quality prints of your epic time after.


Maybe you hate planning and coordinating events in your free time and big projects make you freak out. Or you are an introvert and simply don’t like to be the center of attention. There are many reasons why a bride and groom have a lot of anxiety when starting to plan their big day. Being responsible for a huge, expensive event can be really stressful and overwhelming. And why take away all the fun of being engaged?

Give yourself permission to reject the things that make you feel uncomfortable. Yes you can! Sit down with your partner and brainstorm those things that excite you most and then focus on them. That’s exactly how you create the best day of your life.


Where is your honeymoon going to be? Unless you are a Covid bride - sorry girls I really feel for you - your answer shouldn’t be ‘we are having a staycation until we recovered from our wedding costs’.

Because what is more fun than starting your forever with a lifetime adventure somewhere exotic or far away?

You can even consider matching your honeymoon location with your elopement location and then just stay there for another two weeks. Oh and don’t forget to bring me ;)



There is no question that we all need to be responsible for our environment and limiting our carbon footprint is becoming more and more important.

According to The Green Bride Guide the average wedding produces 400 lbs of garbage and 62 tons of CO2!! Let that sink in for a minute!! With an estimated 2.5 million weddings per year, that is about 1 billion lbs of trash. That are 6 zeros you guys! Not only trash bags filled with napkins, leftover food and thousands of dollars worth of flowers but most weddings include out-of-town guests.

With an elopement you can reduce this number drastically and keep mother earth happy and celebrating with you.


This is probably my favorite reason. When Martin and I moved to the US we started traveling all over the place. Our experiences, the moments we had together and all the memories we made are some of the most valuable I have.

Couples that consider eloping care about the experience. They care about the connection to their loved ones and value those memories more than the ‘things’ they had on their wedding day. 



Yep that’s right! You can basically do whatever you want to do which makes the planning process so much easier.

When you book a wedding venue it usually comes with rules and traditions. Guest count, max amount of time and so on. You are kind of limited. If you have many guests, you have to stick to a timeline so everyone knows where to be when.

But if you decide to climb on a mountain and you fall in love with the view on your way up — guess what — you can stay there and soak in the moment as long as you want to. No planner is pressuring you to keep going because your guests are waiting.