Franzi and Martin seamlessly blend fine art, fashion, and photojournalism to capture every moment of your special day

Tip: Let your family gift you a wedding album! Wedding websites like Zola and the Knot have options where you can set up a ‘fund’ for something specific like a wedding album. Your wedding guests can give to this fund as their wedding gift.

And let’s be honest —What could be more personal than gifting your first family heirloom?

The way your wedding album looks and feels can be exactly they way you want it to. No matter if you chose linen fabrics, leather bindings, custom engraving and more, your album will be customized to fit your style and home.

You can make it fit your style


Your wedding photography is a big investment. Protect it by choosing finished quality that enhances your photographs and your unique experience.

We’ve spent hours of careful research to find the best professional printers and binders to ensure the highest quality of our hand crafted albums.
We work with Redtree Albums — who works exclusively with professional photographers. At RedTree, they handcraft your album with the utmost care, using the finest materials.

Before we send it off for print we’ll create a custom album design that shows off your beautiful wedding details and tells the story of your wedding day in a compelling way. This is a carefree process for our couples. All you have to do is chose your favorite images and approve our drafts after we ensure everything is exactly as you like it.

Quality matters


I remember 15 years ago, when I got my first computer. I used to burn everything on CDs. My music, my photos and everything else. Well, if I want to access what’s on those CDs today, I honestly have no idea how.
None of our newer devices read CDs any longer. No one knows how technology will change over the next 10 or 15 years and living in a digital age makes it even more important to print your memories. Especially since we take and store more photographs than any other generation before us but never actually display them in our homes.

And if your USB flash drive doesn’t exist in 10 years, and your hard drive crashes or you lose your laptop, you’ll always have the highlights of your wedding day preserved in your album.

Technology changes - fast!


Your wedding album is your first family heirloom that tells how your love story began. It’s easy accessible and looks great as a coffee table decor in your home. Don’t you agree that handing down your own story to your kids and grandkids is a beautiful thought? That you can flip through the pages together and relive the best day of your life over and over again? A wedding album completely changes the way you share your photographs when family and friends come over.

It also serves as a reminder of your love and the value of your relationship when things get rough.
Let your wedding album become part of your home!

It’s your legacy


We firmly believe that your wedding photos deserve more than just a spot on your phone! Many couples, caught up in the hustle of life, never get around to designing and printing their wedding album unless they do it through their photographer. Time flies, and suddenly, years have passed since your wedding day. Adding an album to your wedding collection ensures that you'll hold those precious memories in your hands just a few months after saying 'I do.'

It's crucial to us that you make the most of your professional photographs. Let's explore four reasons why we believe creating a unique wedding album adds immense value for our couples

Why you should invest in a wedding album

In the technology age, most of your images live on mobile devices. It's convenient but they’re more than digital images. Your engagement and wedding photographs are your first family heirlooms. And when the day is over, and for years to come, they’ll remain.

Your Photos do Not Belong on Your Phone.

 We believe

Fine Art Albums

We offer beautiful leather and linen albums printed on Giclee matte paper with lovely soft textures that will last a lifetime. These acid-free fine art papers feature a true matte finish for a classic look. Choose from an array of Italian leather or linen covers, available in a variety of sizes.

your first family heirloom