December 15, 2019

Megan + Mark // Intimate Engagement session at the Turnstone House

Megan and Marc’s session was truly one of a kind. We were able to shoot at the Turnstone House, which is a stunning villa close to Grace Bay’s beautiful beach.



And since the house offers a private pool I told them to bring their bikinis! Well, just one bikini 😀 Honestly, I was really excited for that part since I have never done a session in a pool before. Most couples in Charleston either choose the beach or downtown as their location. Megan’s white summer dress matched perfectly with the flair of the house – which is kind of a weird thing to say but you’ll see… We had the entire house and a beautiful sunset to ourselves and I loved guiding them into their poses. Thank you so much for coming out and shooting with us!!

Oh and BTW — Marc is the owner of Wake to Wake Watersports. They offer wakeboarding, wakesurfing, waterskiing, tubing and boat tours around the island. If you ever vacation in Providenciales make sure to book a tour with them!! Check out his videos on Instagram and YouTube to either get really, really jealous or book your next trip immediately 😉



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