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Engagement Photo Session at Gallaher Mansion

Norwalk Engagement

Historic Mansion in Cranbury Park

If you want to create stunning engagement photos, you need the perfect backdrop. And what could be better than the breathtaking engagement photo session at Gallaher Mansion?

Recently, Kelsey and Barnett chose this picturesque limestone Tudor Revival mansion in Cranbury Park for their engagement photo session, and the results were nothing short of magical.

As avid travelers and seekers of new experiences, it was a refreshing opportunity for us to visit Connecticut, a place we had never been before. Our journey began by flying into New York and driving to Norfolk. With just a little detour, we decided to make a stop at Le Chateau, the wedding venue chosen by Kelsey and Barnett. Located in New York, Le Chateau was a stunning location that left us in awe of its beauty and elegance. After our visit, we continued on our journey to the engagement photo session at Gallaher Mansion.

Pefect timing for the engagement photo session at Gallaher Mansion

The sunset provided a warm glow that made the mansion look even more gorgeous. Kelsey’s 60s-inspired hairstyle with a headband was absolutely awesome, and it perfectly complemented her short and playful wedding dress. Barnett looked equally dapper in his classic black tuxedo. They both looked stunning together, and the entire setup was just perfect for their engagement photo session at Gallaher Mansion. They made it easy to capture so many beautifully moments, and it was like unveiling a piece of art in every glance.

The combination of the couple’s outfits, the mansion’s beauty, and the magical sunset made the photos look like something out of a movie. Everything was just perfect, and it was evident that they both had an amazing time during their photo session. If you’re looking for an ideal location for your engagement photos, Gallaher Mansion is an excellent choice that will leave you with beautiful memories to cherish forever.

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