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Bridal Guide – Wedding Veils for the Modern and Elegant Bride

There is nothing that says “here comes the bride” more beautifully – or more dramatically – than your wedding veil. That heart stopping moment when you walk down the aisle towards the love of your life, draped in mystery as your sheer wedding veil obscures and yet simultaneously highlights your face. And then….

the most heartwarming moment of all. When your father lifts the veil over your face and presents you to your groom. You are the most perfect “present” your groom could have ever wished for.

Flowing wedding veil

Where to start looking for your wedding veil?

You want this picturesque moment, but you also don’t even know where to start when it comes to wedding veils? When you go into the salon, you find out that there are long veils, short veils, and everything in between. What is best for you? Should you even wear a wedding veil? Will you regret your style choices when you look back at your wedding photos 10 years from now?

I brought in the wedding veil designer, Alisha, of One Blushing Bride to answer some of these questions. So pop the champagne, and take a deep breath. We are about to cover all of your biggest questions and worries about wedding veils.

Modern Bridal Beil

Oh, and did I mention that she is offering a free MUST HAVE resource for elegant brides? The Ultimate Wedding Veil Style Guide will help you feel beautiful and confident walking down the aisle (+ do it without driving to a million salons and having a “bridal breakdown” before you make a decision).

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Are wedding veils outdated?

If you are a modern, elegant bride, then you may be wondering if wedding veils are a thing of the past. After all, you are not fussy or overly extravagant. And you don’t want to look like you came out of the 80s.

The reason that many brides wonder if wedding veils are outdated is because veils used to symbolize the bride’s innocence and purity. They represented how a woman needed to be protected. A side benefit is that they were commonly believed to ward off evil spirits who wanted to destroy the bride’s happiness.

Now I am guessing that many of you ladies these days do not think that a piece of fabric would protect you from evil spirits, but that still doesn’t mean that you should throw out the wedding veil tradition. The significance of the veil has changed a lot over the years. These days, wedding veils are not only for traditional weddings or for church weddings.

Wedding veils are appropriate for all modern brides. They represent this one sweet moment in time where you are being presented to your groom as a special “gift” to him (and he to you). It represents the vows and commitment you make to one another to honor and cherish one another no matter what life brings.

Bridal Veil Sample

Did you know that well over 50% of brides choose to wear a wedding veil?

Bridal Crown

In fact, 76% of brides chose to wear a veil in 2018 according to Brides magazine. Veils are still in full force today, although the styles have changed quite a bit since they first came in fashion. Your veil will distinguish you as a bride. It is the one and only time in your life when you can wear one. So whether you choose to wear your veil briefly for a few photos to satisfy Mom, or you plan on wearing it all night long, I highly recommend at least trying on a few styles to see if it is something that makes you feel special

If you are still unsure, then I ask you to do one thing for me. Go and ask some of your married friends when it was that they really felt like a bride for the first time. My guess is that it was that magical moment that they put on their wedding veil.

When do you put on your wedding veil?

Brides typically choose to put on their wedding veil right before the ceremony so that they do not risk damaging it. That being said, my advice after working in the wedding industry for over 12 years would be a bit different.

I would recommend putting on your veil when you have your hair styled. Your stylist has had experience with this before, and he or she will be able to ensure that it is securely attached in your hair.

One of the worst things to happen is for the veil to somehow be whipped out of your hair by the wind or by something that it got caught on as you are walking. You will prevent this scenario by having a professional place the veil in your hair the right way.

Veil Comb

A side note: If  you are wearing a long veil, then I would recommend “bustling” your veil after the hair stylist puts your veil in your hair. You would bustle your veil in much the same way that you can bustle your wedding dress gown. This way, you will be able to move around freely before your ceremony without tripping. You would unbustle it right before you walk down the aisle.

When do you take off your wedding veil?

Most brides choose to take off their wedding veil after the ceremony and after they have taken a few photos. This way, they can dance the night away during the reception.

The other option is to wear your wedding veil for a bit longer through your first dance. This is more in vogue these days as it sways so nicely as you move. You can then easily remove your veil after this dance when you are really wanting to let loose and dance with your guests and groom.

What questions should your ask yourself before buying a wedding veil?

  • Are you getting married indoors or outdoors?

If you are having an outdoor wedding, then a shorter veil that does not drag on the floor is easier to move around in.

A long veil can get caught up in the wind and be a bit more cumbersome as you walk around. It’s not that you absolutely cannot wear a long veil for your outdoor ceremony –  In fact, I have had plenty of brides who get married outside who do choose a long veil. It is just that you will require the help of your bridesmaids a bit more as you move around. If you absolutely must wear a long veil for your outdoor ceremony, then I would recommend assigning one of your bridesmaids as official “veil guardian” to help you move around outside without snagging it.

If you are getting married indoors, then the sky is the limit! Choose whichever veil length you feel most beautiful in.

  • Does this veil add to your beauty or does it take away from you and your wedding dress?

You and your wedding dress should always remain center stage. Your wedding veil is meant to enhance your beauty without overwhelming you. You do not want to be upstaged by your veil! There are a couple of ideas that I have for you as you try to figure out if your veil is “too much” for you.

  • Try having someone take a photo of you in your wedding dress and wedding veil so that you have an idea of what the overall effect is. I have found that this can help you get a better idea as to the overall effect of your bridal day look.
  • You can also ask the advice of a trusted friend, family member, or a wedding consultant. I am happy to offer my advice on which veil would suit you and your dress best if you contact me here!

In general, if you have a very elaborate dress, then a simple veil is a safer option. In the words of Coco Chanel, “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance”. So don’t overdo it. Less is always more. If your dress is simple, then have fun accessorizing it to the max! You can choose an elaborate veil or one that is more understated. Beading, rhinestones, and lace… your imagination is the limit!

Modern Bridal Head Piece

What styles of wedding veils would you recommend for the modern, elegant bride?

Many veils these days are very fashion-forward. Here are some of my top contenders.

  1. A sheer, ultra light drop wedding veil
Bride with classic wedding veil
Tiffany Von Weddings
Wedding veil on mannequin

This style would never have been considered even 5 years ago. But these days, it is all about going with the softest, most delicate fabric and letting the materials speak for themselves. This simple, elegant style that does not have any gather or “puffiness” keeps the focus on you and your wedding dress.

  1. Lace veils with the lace starting partway down the veil

Lace wedding veils never go out of style. Lace-edges beauties are as elegant as they are timeless. Whether you are a classic princess bride, a glamour-loving bride, or a free-spirited boho-inspired bride, there is a lace design that will compliment your bridal style. From light-as-air Chantilly lace designs to more bold statement pieces in Venice and French designs, lace detailing can elevate your wedding accessories and transform a simple white dress into something magical.

Katie Jewell Co. Photography

These days, more brides choose to go with a lace veil where the detailing starts partway down the veil (such as by the elbows or fingertips) so that you do not distract from your face. This is a fun twist on a classic style.

  1. Draped wedding cape “veils”
Wedding veil with golden stars
One Blushing Bride
Balayage Modern Bridal Veil

It’s not a wedding veil, but it is also not a wedding cape. It is something in between. This modern take on the classic wedding veil is partially inspired by Grecian designs, and it was designed for alternative brides who want to show off a dress with a low back or unique back detail. It can be worn in many different ways. It easily secures to your gown with petite clips or it can be worn in your hair.

So there you have it. Wedding veils are not dead or outdated. But I know that many of you may still be on the fence. So to help you out, Alisha is offering free veil samples to all of my readers here. Make sure to snag yours so that you don’t have wedding regrets!

Bridal Veil Samples

Something missing about wedding veils? – Tell us!

We hope our recommendations have been useful! If you have further ideas or suggestions wedding veils, we would love to hear all about it. Just send us an email with to

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