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A Summer Wedding at the William Aiken House

Charleston Wedding

A sight to behold

Kati and Greg’s summer wedding at the William Aiken House was a truly remarkable event. From the moment guests arrived, it was evident that every detail had been carefully thought out to create a personalized and memorable experience. Working closely with their wedding planner team from Carolina Occasions, the couple was able to bring their vision to life and create something truly stunning.

The inspiration for their wedding came from two of their favorite places – Charleston and Cape Cod. These two locations hold special meaning for Kati and Greg, so they wanted to incorporate elements from both into their special day. By highlighting the similarities between the two areas, they were able to create a unique and cohesive theme that reflected their personal style.

One of the ways in which they incorporated this theme was through the use of oyster shells in the table decor. Oyster shells are a quintessential element of coastal design, and they are commonly found in both Charleston and Cape Cod. By incorporating these shells into the table decor, Kati and Greg were able to bring a touch of the beach to their wedding venue, creating a relaxed and coastal ambiance.

Personalize your wedding at the William Aiken House

Another element that was heavily featured in both Charleston and Cape Cod is hydrangeas. These beautiful flowers are known for their vibrant colors and lush blooms, making them a perfect choice for a summer wedding. Kati and Greg made sure to include hydrangeas throughout their wedding decor, from the bouquets and centerpieces to the ceremony backdrop. This not only tied in with their theme but also added a touch of natural beauty to the venue.

In addition to these design elements, Kati and Greg also incorporated personal touches into their wedding day. Greg’s watch, for example, was intentionally Charleston green, paying homage to the city that holds a special place in their hearts. Kati also wore inherited wedding band and jewelry, adding sentimental value to her bridal ensemble.

Overall, Kati and Greg’s summer wedding at the William Aiken House was a true reflection of their love. Through careful planning and attention to detail, they were able to create an event that was not only stunning but also meaningful.

To all the fellow wedding vendors – Thank you so much for being a part of this wedding day! We loved working with you. We sincerely appreciate everyone involved and all the effort put in to make this day special.

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