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Whitley + Cameron // Romantic Sailboat Session

Oh boy! What a session!! I think it’s safe to say that sunset sailboat photoshoots are one of my favorites from now on. As most of you know, this was part of our Giveaway we ran through Instagram a couple weeks ago. I paired up with the amazing Helen Barfield, Jay Keeney and Chesnut Denton. Together we were able to pull of this special date night for a lucky couple in Charleston, SC.



While Helen did a wonderful job getting Whitley’s hair and makeup done, I packed up my gear and checked that all of my camera straps were super secure. The last thing I wanted is for my cameras to take a swim with the dolphins. Shortly after, we headed towards the Ashley River to the marina where Jay keeps his sailboat. Neither Whitley nor her boyfriend Cameron have been on a sailboat before and therefore they were super excited. Maybe even a little bit nervous since they also have never had photos taken together before. A lot of first times that day.

Now, stop reading here and scroll down!!

Done? Tell me, aren’t they the most stunning and photogenic couple on earth? For the first time being in front of a professional camera they did a pretty darn good job and I love every single photograph. Even when the water got a little rougher, and I had trouble holding on, they looked flawless on the bow of the boat.

For all the people who have never been on a sailboat: Do it! It feels like a short vacation, getting away from the daily routine, and there is a reason why Jay calls his boat Mental Heeling. As soon as you are out on the water, the sails are set and the houses get smaller and smaller you can let your body, mind and soul relax. And if you are looking for more of an adventure, Jay really knows how to sail 😉

Again, thanks again so much to my amazing vendor friends that made this photoshoot even better than I had envisioned it.

To all the ladies out there:

I HIGHLY recommend Helen as their hair and makeup specialist! No matter what occasion she’ll make sure you feel stunning! And to all the ladies that are still dreaming about long, beautiful real lashes and skincare that actually works, reach out to Chesnut. She is a Rodan & Fields consultant and has all the answers to your questions.

Last but not least: Thank you Whitley and Cameron! You guys were so much fun and you seriously should consider modeling careers!


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