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Therés + Chris // Beach Engagements Session – Morris Island Lighthouse

We had exactly one evening in Charleston to make this shoot happen before Therés & Chris got married in New York City the following month. Looking out of the window that morning was quite unpromising. A pitch-black sky and drenching rain…I checked the forecast for the evening — 70% chance of rain. Our location? The beach. My feeling? Not good at all.

I guess that day, we just all hoped for at least a couple minutes without any rain.


Therés is a Canadian model,

living in New York City and her fiancé Chris is currently stationed in Charleston. The first time I saw them I knew it was going to be a good session – if the rain would hold off.  Both looked incredible and on a scale from 0 – 10, they were an obvious 10!! As soon as I posed them it seemed like they forgot the world around them. They just had eyes for each other and from a photographer’s perspective, that’s the best thing that can happen! Theres is an experienced model, but you can totally see the love between them in the pictures.


Whenever I shoot an engagement session,

I’m really focused and disregard everything else around me. However,  it was impossible not to notice that the sky slowly started to tint red. Well, what can I say. All my concerns about the weather were gone immediately. Charleston showed off with probably the Holy City’s most magical sunset this year. It was breathtaking — and in that moment we were standing there, eyes wide open surrounded by this unique atmosphere and all so glad we couldn’t reschedule. And once again it shows, that taking a risk every now and then sometimes pays off 😉

Therés and Chris. Thank you so much for coming out that night and for trusting me with location, the weather and my posing experiments.




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