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Sarah + Ben // A Romantic Downtown Proposal // Charleston, SC

On May 31st Ben reached out to me asking for help. He and his girlfriend Sarah were about to move from Raleigh to Charleston and he wanted to pop the question as soon as possible after arriving in their new home city. Now let me tell you this, proposals always get me really, really excited. I believe it’s the truest emotions, expressions and reactions you’ll ever get from a girl when the man she loves asks to spend the rest of their lives together. I love seeing the happiness and the excitement, the tears of joy the endless smiles and affection between two people.



Since it was Ben’s first time in Charleston, he obviously had no idea where the best spot was for popping the question. He only knew that he would love it to be somewhere on the water with great natural light and good ‘coverage’ for photography – I couldn’t believe that a guy actually thought about stuff like that 😀 Well, after a nice evening stroll through downtown Charleston, Martin and I found the perfect spot. I sent Ben pictures with different suggestions but I already knew he would choose the one we both liked.

When the day finally arrived,

I guess everyone — except for Sarah of course — was super nervous. Martin and I for just having ‘one shot’ to get it right and Ben for all the other reasons a proposal could go wrong…

Guess what! It turned out to be the most beautiful and romantic proposal ever! After being in each other’s arms with all their heart for a long time, Ben went down on his knee, pulled out the ring and asked the question. Sarah couldn’t help pulling him up again and starting to kiss him euphorically. Totally overwhelmed by the situation, Sarah couldn’t decide what to admire more, the beautiful ring or Ben. So she hugged him, kissed him, wiped tears and looked at her new ring. As I said before, Sarah’s reaction was the cutest and most honest you can ever get and I am glad I could capture it for them.

I wish you guys all the best and I hope you have a wonderful start in your new home city as a newly engaged couple!!


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