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Romantic Wedding in Charlotte

Every wedding I witness and capture means something special to me. I am truly grateful for my job and all the beautiful experiences it provides. Liliana and Chris’ wedding in Charlotte was even more exceptional to me.

Bride getting ready for wedding wedding in Charlotte, Ballantyne Hotel Charlotte

International wedding in Charlotte

I love diversity, and how much more diverse could it be than an Ukrainian–Russian celebration, photographed by a German in Charlotte, North Carolina. A new city, the most gorgeous couple, different traditions and the kindest people. The videographer hardly spoke any English and of course I don’t speak any Russian. That’s one perfect example of what I love so much about the United States. And it worked out perfectly as you can see 😉

Chandelier and stairway, Ballantyne Hotel Charlotte

Starting the big day at the Ballantyne Hotel

However, the day did start with some challenges. Liliana and Chris loved the idea of doing their first look at this beautiful staircase in the Ballantyne Hotel. Unfortunately, we soon found out that there was a huge Indian wedding happening at the same time. Well, I enjoy the Bollywood movies and the iconic dance scenes every now and then, but let’s be honest…it isn’t exactly what you think of for a romantic and intimate first look, right?…neither did Liliana or Chris. Therefore, we needed to change plans.

Changing plans – finding a first look location

Since it was my first wedding in Charlotte, I wasn’t really familiar with the area. Good thing was that the Hotel had its own golf course. Beautiful, rolling hills, perfectly-cut green grass – a big thank you to all the greenskeepers out there – and right in the middle, a little wooden bridge. That was the spot!

So, past the Indian ceremony, on the next available golf cart and up to the first setting.

First look at wedding in Charlotte, Ballantyne Hotel

And now, let’s slow down and reflect on the scene for a minute. When Chris turned around and saw Liliana for the first time in her beautiful dress, his reaction was priceless. I am sure he couldn’t believe his eyes about how stunning she was. He smiled, laughed, cried happy tears while Liliana was twirling around him. You could truly tell how much they both love and admire each other and it felt like time was standing still for a while. This was one of the most touching first looks I have ever witnessed so far and Chris’ reaction was the one every girl wishes for!

I am so happy for the two, honored to be the one capturing the moment. And let me tell you, the rest of the day was no less amazing and wonderful! A beautiful wedding in Charlotte, congratulations and all the best to Liliana and Chris.

stairway, Ballantyne Hotel Charlotte
Wedding dress details
Bride holding dress at wedding in Charlotte
Bride and bridesmaids getting ready for wedding in Charlotte, Ballantyne Hotel
Bridesmaid helping bride in shoe, Ballantyne Hotel Charlotte
Groom getting ready for first look at Charlotte wedding
Groom an groomsmen at Charlotte wedding
Groom socks details, Ballantyne Hotel Charlotte
Bride in front of Ballantyne Hotel for wedding in Charlotte
First look of bride and groom at wedding in Charlotte
groom with groomsmen at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden
Matching socks
wedding in Charlotte, bridal party at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden
Bride with bouquet at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden
Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden
bride and groom at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden

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Wedding Dress | Allure

Bridal Shoes | Steve Madden

Bridesmaids Dresses | Lulus

Florist | Livilove Flowers

Cake | Tatyana Livarchuk

Videographer| Neboprduction

Location| Ballantyne Hotel

Location| Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden

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