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Kara + Ben // A romance at Lake Louise – Canada

This was not the usual couple photoshoot. This was a two-week trip from Salt Lake City all the way up to Canada with two of our sweetest friends, their handsome Rottweiler Captain and traveling for the first time in my life in a full-size RV. It was the kind of road trip the way we love it. Boon-docking in the wild under a clear starlit sky. Hiking the Rocky Mountains’ peaks and enjoying exciting outdoor adventures, all with the promise of stunning photographs in the most beautiful places the Northwest and Canada have to offer.



If you’re wondering, hey those two look familiar…

you are totally right. Kara and Ben were the very first couple I ever photographed in Downtown Charleston and if you still need a little reminder — here’s the link to how we first met (and got kicked out of McLeod plantation!!)

Anyway, many photoshoots later, we all decided to go on this trip together. Kara and Ben bought a huge truck and their even bigger ‘home on wheels’ since they plan to travel the States long term.

If you’ve followed me for a while, you know that we love waking up early in the mornings to witness incredible sunrises, hiking to the top of mountains, staying outside until sunset and even staying up late to chase shooting stars in the night sky. I know that’s definitely not everyone’s definition of a ‘relaxed’ vacation. Because let’s be honest! It’s exhausting and after 90 miles of hiking we all needed a couple days to recover. But Kara and Ben are just like us. And if you are planning a similar trip, click here (soon to come ;)) to learn more about the must sees in Teton, Yellowstone, Glacier and Banff.


Here are my three personal trip highlights:

  1.  We saw a grizzly bear. Yes, a REAL one!! In nature!! We were at a safe distance but it was still an incredible experience.
  2.  We hiked a glacier. Also a real one 😀 It is called Grinnell Glacier in Glacier National Park and after one of the more challenging hikes we were rewarded with ice blue water and ices floes – I have never seen anything like that before.
  3.  I photographed our sweet friends at Lake Louise. And this was so special to me. Not only did I love the change of settings but also capturing Kara and Ben’s incredible love for each other just before the start of a new chapter in their lives. Kara is four months pregnant in those photographs. I am so impressed on how she handled the entire trip while carrying a little baby.


This road trip was one of the best ones so far and I am so thankful for our friends taking us along.


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