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Jenny + Thomas // Couple Session – Isle of Palms


Dear Jenny,

We met in 5th Grade. It was our very first day in a new school, surrounded by new people, all strangers. So exciting, but also so scary… And if that wasn’t nerve-racking enough, I was chosen to hand out the school books to each student in my class. Yeah… there is nothing more exciting than standing in front of a class full of new people, everyone looking you over. Especially when you are more of an introvert… However, when you were next and I stopped at your table, I looked down at you, my face brightened up and I gave you a big, fat smile. You liked me immediately and I guess, that was the moment we became friends. I really like when you tell this story because no matter how hard I try… I can’t remember that day.


It’s been 18 years since then

Of course, we’ve had our up and downs.  Sometimes we were on the phone every single day for hours, talking about all the stuff that just happened two hours ago in school. Other times, we had no idea what the other one had been up to lately. Then my Dad and I moved to another area. I changed schools and friends. We still met once in a while but soon, it didn’t feel as close anymore.

We were following different paths in life that didn’t always mesh, and after a not so relaxing vacation (actually it was a disaster) it happened! We lost contact for good. We were both so disappointed and confused, had no idea what happened in that beautiful city called Budapest. We definitely needed a time out. And maybe it was a good thing back then. Who knows what was going on in our teeny little heads.


Fast forward, 10 years later…

Jenny, I am so happy to call you my best friend again. You have been through really hard times, and I can’t tell how endlessly proud I am you made it through. You met the most wonderful, perfect and caring guy and you enjoy life in so many different ways. You are strong and beautiful, inside and out. When you told me last year, that you two are going to visit us this summer I couldn’t believe it. But you did! To be honest, remembering our last vacation I was a tiny bit nervous…for nothing! I enjoyed every minute with you, showing you around, telling you about our life and reconnecting.

Thank you for being the best friend I can wish for. For all our talks and discussions. For always telling me your honest opinion – even though I don’t want to hear it sometimes… Thank you for opening up my mind and showing me different point of views. Thank you for all your pictures, voicemails and videos that give me the feeling that I am right there…

I can’t wait for the next 18 years!


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