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Jenna & Brian // A Not So Traditional Dream Wedding

The night before Jenna and Brian’s wedding, all flights from Europe to the US got cancelled because of the coronavirus. This included my dad’s flight — who was supposed to visit.  And who I haven’t seen in more than 18 months. Emails started rolling in about postponed weddings, cancelled weddings or concerns since no one really knows how to handle the situation. All of a sudden, the only topic in real life and online was the virus. People slowly started to panic and take this issue more seriously…

This being said, I definitely have never imagined starting Jenna and Brian’s wedding blog like this but believe me, I was kind of down that Friday when I drove to Alhambra Hall. I was sad that I wouldn’t see my dad and I had no idea how many guests might cancel on my wonderful couple. I expected a muted atmosphere with people being more focused on washing their hands than enjoying a big celebration.

As soon as I walked into the “ready room”

that morning, I found a super relaxed, happy and stunning looking Jenna sitting on her chair, bubbly and getting her hair and makeup done. Ya’ll, that’s exactly what I needed. Seeing her in such a joyful mood without a care in the world, cheered me up immediately! I can’t even explain what a beautiful soul Jenna has and I was so happy for her when she told me that only a couple of her guests had canceled. Let me tell you a little more about how they had planned their big day – because it was special, out of the box and completely different than all other weddings I’ve shot.

Jenna and Brian got married a couple weeks ago

in Kentucky and were already husband and wife by the time we celebrated at Alhambra Hall. So, no ceremony that day!! The most important thing was to spend time with their friends and family. Celebrating their love surrounded by their loved ones. What a wonderful idea. It’s so nice to see couples breaking traditions because they don’t fit for them. I like seeing new creative ideas on wedding days, couples that design THEIR day to fit their wishes and dreams. Because I believe that’s the way it’s supposed to be, right?

There are two things I remember Brian said to me that day:

  • We are so thankful that you are here with us celebrating and we want you to not only take pictures but also to have fun!!
  • (And this multiple times with a smile on his face): This day is so perfect!

Serving people who care about how I feel always touches me a lot. And knowing that Jenna and Brian truly enjoyed and adored their wedding day despite all the chaos around them made it one of a kind! Congratulations you two! You showed everyone how stay positive when things get shaken up <3


Vendor Team

Planning + Coordination | Carolina Occasions

Venue | Alhambra Hall

Makeup | Dannon K. Collard

Hair | Robin Croy

Gown | Wedding Angels Bridal Boutique | Essense of Australia

Jewelry | Grace + Hudson Jewelry

Groom’s Attire | Bonobos

Bowtie | Brakish

Ring | Tiffany & Co.

Entertainment | Motown Throwdown

Caterer | Hometeam BBQ

Charcuterie | Babe & Butcher

Desserts | DuckDonuts

Rentals | Eventworks

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