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Alex + Drew // Engagement Session in Downtown Charleston

Meet Alex and Drew at their engagement Session in Downtown Charleston. These two were just incredible and they are probably the luckiest couple in Charleston! Why? Because they won a FREE WEDDING this year. Until then, I had no idea you could even win a wedding…

Alex + Drew // Engagement Session in Downtown Charleston

I got to know their full story during an engagement session in Downtown Charleston

Their story is unique and perfect! Let me start a bit earlier. Gentlemen, have you ever tried to propose to your better half but she was too deeply involved in a chat and didn’t really pay attention to you? This is what happened to Drew and what makes their love story so lovely and down to earth.

One day they met with friends,  and while Alex was talking to one of her friends, Drew tapped her on the shoulder. Alex didn’t react. She even thought, how rude of him to interrupt her. So, no reaction from her. Bolder actions were required. Drew slapped her on the behind  and when Alex finally turned around she didn’t expect to see him on one knee. When she realized that he was about to propose she was overwhelmed and burst out in laughter. Of course, she said yes. That was two months after they had met!!

Engagement ring presented during engagement session in downtown Charleston

How to win a wedding?

Then they found out about a contest where you could win a free wedding in the beautiful Low-country. To win, you had to submit a video explaining why you were the perfect couple for a free wedding. The video with the most likes would win. Well, Alex and Drew went above and beyond to win this thing. They even drove to a concert and asked random people to like their video. Not only did it help them win, but they also made many new friends. I am so in love with their story and I think they totally deserved it.

But can you guess Alex’s real deciding factor to marrying Drew?  Her cute puppy Meeka accepted him from day one. Any questions?

It was so nice meeting you guys, we had a great engagement session in downtown and I am sure your wedding will be the wedding of your dreams!

Update: I know it was 🙂 Click here to see how stunning Alex looked on her wedding day at Alhambra Hall

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